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Because they may falsely report what happened wither
knowingly or simply due to confusion
They never seem to explain what is a business project
  • Project Date : 2018
  • Project Type : Business Strategy
  • Project Process : Completed Project

I know it sounds strange, but a few days ago, one of my small business clients actually asked me, “What is a business project?” I found myself wondering how to answer that. After all, we’re all being bombarded with advice about projects.

There are three basic types of business project. The first is the strategic project. This type of project is focused on achieving objectives determined during the business planning or strategic process. A second type is the operational project. These are projects which are initiated for business reasons other than achieving a strategic objective. For example, a general ledger may have become obsolete.

  • The second key characteristic of a project is that of uniqueness.
  • The product is always unique.
  • The specific set of tasks that make up the project, are almost always unique.
  • The tasks may follow a pattern.
  • The tasks may be individually common.
  • However, the arrangement of tasks and something
  • The tasks will be unique to this project.

So a business project is initiated in order to implement a new release of the general ledger. The third type is the repeating or operationalized project. These projects run so frequently that much of the regular project planning can be repeated.



Calle 64 # 10 - 45 / Of. 202, Edificio Panorama
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